White card models




In theatre design the so-called ‘white card model’ is a simple, unadorned sketch model made at an early stage in the design process. This sketch or developmental model can be anything other than white (in fact it is usually better not to be because stark white can create a false impression of space) and it need not be particularly ‘clean’. Much more important than any preciousness of execution is the freedom to mess around with space, structure and form; a quick and uninhibited method of three-dimensional sketching. Once the design has been tested in this way, a more precise, realistically textured and painted model almost always follows.

Up to this point the film or television production designer may use similar methods, but the ‘final word’ confines itself to the measured drawings and an accurate 3D rendition (usually made from them) which concentrates on the practical and spatial properties of the set.  

The following texts explain this difference more fully and offer practical guidelines for both ‘sketch’ modelling in either medium and the more specific ‘white card’ modelling in film.

Theatre set models.pdf

Sketch modelling.pdf

Models in film.pdf

White card models: materials and techniques.pdf